I've heard the jingle and now I need to be there.

where life has its... rewards Madison Wine & Cigar Room
Maybe it's a cool place, don't know, haven't been there. But their jingle writer should be hung by his nuts and stoned to death. There are $5 crack whores who have more pride in their work.

Maybe that's a little harsh. Hell, I admit that I sing along with glee everytime I hear this classic... especially the full extended version. Maybe I should be thanking the guy.

Have a listen here.

Smoke this... drink that... ENJOY!

Smoke this... drink that... ENJOY! Once Madison's Wine & Cigar Room has a customer try them for the first time, more often than not we have created a customer for life through our honest customer service and friendly product knowledge.

At Madison's Wine & Cigar Room, we have over 150 wines, dessert wines and liqueurs on display with over 3000 more to order from for your specific needs. We have weekly wine tastings available to the public every Tuesday and Wednesday with local wine distributors present for both information and placing orders.

You will find one of the Midwest's largest walk-in cigar humidors perfectly displayed and maintained inside Madison's Wine & Cigar Room. There are over 80 different brands and 250 styles of cigars to select from with helpful storage, cutting and lighting hints from the dedicated staff.

ah... the sweet taste of life's rewards Madison's Wine & Cigar Room carries a fine selection of wine and cigar accessories to choose from as well as provides a place to have your next private wine and cigar event or special business presentation. Just inquire about reservations for your own unique event.
Smoke this... drink that... ENJOY!

Madison's Wine & Cigar Room
7003 Watts Road, Madison, Wisconsin
(608) 276-8676

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