Kicking off 2014 with lots of new films...



Wow... January 2014 was another big month here at Woodrow Village. We more than doubled our total YouTube views (current count is around 6,500!) and subscribers, and also released four new films: Crash Test Test Run, Staff Meeting, Duct Tape and Leather: The Other White Meat, and Suicide Guy. Check out this cool GRAPH charting the views over the past six weeks!

All of our films can be viewed here on this site (see FILMS) or at YOUTUBE.COM/WOODROWVILLAGE.

Certain Woodrow Village films have become more popular... The New Lone Ranger Show continues to be the most viewed, but in January/early February Hot Pursuit gained a lot of views in a one-week period. It's on the rise!

The Wedding also continues to plug along and Woodrow Village celebrated the reaching of 420 views in appropriate fashion. It is currently at about 700 views! Woodrow Village wants to thank all our fans for the continued support.

Woodrow Village also enjoyed the privilege of voicing a character in another brickfilmer's video. It is called The Big Game and it is by LegoSolgeFilms. You can visit YOUTUBE.COM/LEGOSOLGEFILMS to check out his work.

In The Big Game Woodrow Village Films provided the voice of "Gary". This film is part of a series, The Banisher Squad, and it's very funny. Here is the video:


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